A chiropractor in Brisbane

What a chiropractor does

A chiropractor is a medical specialist who specialises in nerves, joints, bones, and muscles of the human body. They focus on the nerve system and the musculoskeletal system. What they do is diagnose, rehabilitate, treat and prevent spinal related dysfunctions. A chiropractor aims to correct any biomechanical and nervous system dysfunction for the body to perform their functions to the optimum harmoniously without any level of pain. A chiropractor does these corrections on a human body naturally with no surgery and no use of drugs. 

Types of chiropractic treatments

Some of the common treatments you can see a chiropractor include manual adjustments and manipulations, drop piece TPT, SOT pelvic blocking, dry needling, massages, soft tissue therapies, laser therapy, and the Kinesio taping methods. The treatments treat injuries and common neck & back pains, scoliosis, sports injuries, knee, wrist, headaches, shoulder pain, neural problems like sciatica, vertebral disc problems and carpal tunnel. Ask to see a chiropractor for qualified consultations and treatments.

Health practitioners who work closely with chiropractors include GP’s, radiologists, podiatrists, dieticians, personal trainers and naturopaths for more comprehensive and integrated healthcare.

How long will it take a patient to receive chiropractic treatment?

The length of the treatment a chiro gives to their patients varies from case to case. For instance, someone with acute injury may heal within a short period, while others may be chronic and require long-term attention and treatments. A chiro is supposed to advise their patients according to the attentions they need based on the nature of the injury patients may be facing and the duration of the problem, how long the patient has been suffering, their age and the general health condition of a patient. A chiropractor will also advise patients on how to regularly check-in for assessment and to monitor the progress of the treatment if expected results are achieved within the stipulated time. Based on the experience in the field, chiropractors advise their patients accordingly so that they make informed decisions on whether to end the treatment or continue even after healing. Many chiropractic patients when reached after treatment believe to have had a fruitful experience with a chiropractor, therefore believe that their encounter with a specialist assisted them to establish their well being, gain more energy and stamina to keep their daily working busy schedules and achieve family targets like playing with their kids and achieving their daily workouts.

Effectiveness of chiropractic treatments

From previous studies, it is evident that chiropractic care is the most efficient and effective treatment you can receive for musculoskeletal issues and nervous system complications. In many countries today, chiropractic treatments have been integrated into the healthcare system so that you can see a chiro specializing in musculoskeletal issues or nervous system and spine related issues just like you would see any other medical doctor. Their services are well perceived, and most patients in their testimonies say they feel better after seeing a chiropractor.

Does chiropractic treatment hurt?

Some people decline seeking chiropractic treatment because of the belief that experience with a chiropractor is hell and back. Because of this belief, people think that to see a chiro means bone-cracking and clicking. Chiropractic does not involve any clicking or bone cracking as you would hear at all! Bone cracking and clicking is a normally audible sound produced by a synovial joint fluid due to gas bubbles being released in response to joint movement. It is as natural and painless as experienced in normal life.

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