Learning to eat is something that all human beings should do to be healthier. Although, in general, it is believed that the time to go to the nutritionist is when someone wants to lose weight, there are many other times in which people need their assistance and support. Even when a person wants to gain weight.

The nutritionist is a fundamental piece, since he is the professional in charge of providing food education and giving the necessary nutritional counselling so that each patient can achieve their goals.

Many times when you start with a meal plan, you do not know what foods are the most appropriate. Learning how much you can eat, how to cook them, what to do when you go to a restaurant or are invited to eat, among other situations that lead to committing mistakes. Getting bored with  diets can also occur, which makes it difficult to achieve goals. To avoid this, there is the work of the nutritionist.

Why is the nutritional consultation important?

It contributes to knowing food habits, schedules, food preferences, intolerances and existing diseases, among others.

It helps calculate the amount of calories and nutrients consumed in the patient’s diet, which enables the adaptation of these according to personal requirements.

It allows the creation of a feeding plan and personalised menu, with recipes according to the needs of each patient.

Make education about:

  • Nutritional labelling of foods
  • Dietary or light foods
  • Nutrients: macro and micronutrients
  • Lots of food
  • Glycaemic index of foods, among others.
  • It facilitates the delivery of support material for the nutritional treatment of the patient (cookbooks, grocery lists, and healthy eating tips according to the time of year, among others).

Have constant motivation and support

Nutritionists will offer much more motivation than any other doctor.

They are dedicated to helping make lasting changes and know that, in order to do so, they must be available and assist their patients throughout the process.

Changing the way the patient eats, especially if they’ve been creating certain habits and thought patterns around food for decades, can be daunting. It is important to have a nutritionist to help the patient enjoy this transition.

When visiting a nutritionist for the first time every patient should not forget to take any medication that is taking, vitamins, probiotics, supplements, etc.; a list of questions that may arise and registration of glycaemia in case of being diabetic.

Professional who controls and helps in the care of diseases

If a person is prone or has diabetes, high blood pressure or heart-related problems, a Nutrition professional is a key reference in their medical team, as it helps establish a food intake according to the objectives that the patient wants to achieve and without forgetting the taste or nutrition of the meals.

One of the main benefits of hiring a nutritionist is to reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions. The patient can work with a nutrition professional to prepare meals adapted to their dietary needs. If a person wants to feel better, lose weight and experience a better quality of life, going to the nutritionist in Gold Coast is an investment worth doing.

The body is the greatest instrument that will ever exist and that is why many people consider that working with a professional is incredibly useful to ensure health and well-being.