3 things the doctors should tell patients about radiotherapy

The word ‘cancer’ creates a sense of fear among many people. When you have a dreadful disease like cancer, it is important that the doctor communicates with the patient about the disease and the treatment as well. Like the disease itself, the treatment procedure of cancer can be equally painful. Radiotherapy is a common form of cancer treatment. Here are some of the things the doctors must tell the patients about radiotherapy before starting the treatment.

What to expect

The doctor should explain the entire treatment procedure to the patient. The patient must be informed about the number of sessions he or she has to attend, how the radiation will be given and what outcome the patient might expect. If there is chance that the cancerous cell may recur, the doctor must mention that too and tell about the alternative treatment plan.

Give positive message

No matter how bad the condition of the patient is, the doctor must never say things like ‘you have 3 months to live’, or ‘sorry, nothing can be done’. The doctor must make the patient feel comfortable at all times. As radiation therapy is a very difficult procedure, the patient must remain calm throughout the treatment; otherwise, it might not be possible to complete the treatment.

Tell about the side effects

Radiation therapy has a number of side effects that may affect the patient for a long time or maybe their entire life. Things like swelling in the affected area, losing hair, etc. are the side effects of radiotherapy and the patients must be informed about these so that it doesn’t come as a surprise to them.

No matter how harsh the treatment is, as a patient you will need to be strong. The doctor has a huge role to play in the well being of the patient during the time of radiotherapy.