When to see your GP

Wondering when to visit a GP in Rockhampton?  However, the decision t go and visit a doctor is based solely on any of the following three reasons:

  • Whether you are going for a routine check up
  • For a specific medical problem
  • For an emergency

Routine Checkups

If you plan on visiting your doctor for a routine visit, it’s a given that it should be done on a yearly basis and then every six months or so if you are looking for preventive care. Women need to see their GP for their general health. If the GP might suspect any problem they would then be suggested to visit specialists. However it all comes down to how many appointments a [articular person might require but generally it is expected that routine blood work and tests should be carried out at least twice a year.

Someone who suffers from diabetes or a heart condition might need more routine checkups when compared to a healthy individual who doesn’t suffer any health issues.

Visiting a GP in Rockhampton for medical issues

Sometimes a person might note certain symptoms which could point towards a medical condition. Most people make the mistake of waiting it out and seeing whether the symptoms disappear on their own or not. It is usually advisable to see a GP in Rockhampton if symptoms have been persisting for more than a week. If it’s something like a routine cold it’s going to get better at home only. Fever also resolves on its own in a week or so. However cough and fever which doesn’t seem to abate and which lasts for more than a week needs to be evaluated. It might require certain tests to be carried out. Before making a diagnosis your GP would suggest some blood tests to rule out any underlying problems.

Once you have the tests reports in hand, your GP would take a look and then make a diagnosis. Keep in mind that antibiotics re only administered once the doctors are sure that those are needed.

Also there are instances when a person decides to go to a doctor based more on instinct. If at any point you feel that your symptoms need to be diagnosed properly, make sure you visit your GP in Rockhampton.

Emergency situations

Though real emergencies should only be handled by calling in 911 or rushing to the emergency ward of a hospital, there are times when a general physician can actually help. His is because you are able to reach them faster or they might e able to make a house call and help decide the next course of action in an emergency situation.

Any pain which is persistent or which seems to worsen should be evaluated immediately. Similarly situations where a person is experiencing heavy bleeding, difficulty breathing, burns which are blistering or a possible allergic reaction. All these can be immediately evaluated by a GP who would then refer you for further care from a specialist.